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The word 'praus' comes from ancient military training.

The Greek army would find the wildest horses in the mountains and bring them in. After months of training, they sorted the horses into categories: some were discarded, others were put into ordinary duty.

The fewest of all graduated and were put into service.

When a horse passed the conditioning required for service, its state was described as 'praus'.

The horse had ‘power under authority,’ ‘strength under control.’

The horse was always determined, strong and passionate, however, it learned to bring its nature under discipline.

Strength-on the right grounds, in the right manner, at the right moment, for the right amount of time.


Develop your strengths and abilities; have a proper understanding of when and when not to use them.

As we go out into the world, sometimes it can feel like a battle; a war.  We can withhold our spiteful replies. We can be the first to apologize. We can be a servant to others. We can be humble, but still, be strong.

Born in Texas USA, we are a positive lifestyle brand promoting strength through humility. We are inspired by first responders, our military, and everyday heroes like you.

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